Which Google sites observed Gandhi Jayanti?

On 140th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Google decided to put Mahatma Gandhi on its Google logo doodle to mark the special day.  So where all did Google use the Mahatma Gandhi doodle?

On 2 October, Gandhi Jayanti, Google used a doodle using on Mahatma's caricature on the homepage of some of its regional sites including India, South Africa and the UK. But Gandhi wasn't there on search results pages.

In case of Google.com, it was just the opposite. Mahatma wasn't there on the homepage but was on the search results pages.

In Google China, Mahatma was neither on the homepage nor on results pages. China had a very different doodle with a violet fairy.

In the Google site of other Indian sub-continent countries, Mahtma Gandhi was only on the homepage of Bangladesh. Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka Google did not have Mahatma anywhere. Mahatma didn't make it to Afghanistan either.

What about other Google sites? Who knows.


Author: Nyutech

Date: Friday, October 2, 2009

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