SliTaz: small, memory-efficient Linux distro

SliTaz Linux

I won't suggest you to install this unglamorous Linux distribution on your latest laptop, but yeah, you can download this light-weight (around 30MB, that's smaller than Damn Small Linux) Linux flavour and run it as a LiveCD or install it on an old box that won't support latest operating systems.

SliTaz is a open source Linux operating system that is very resource-conscious and is built to work from removable media such as CD and USB drives. It can easily run on any old box with 128MB RAM memory.

SliTaz Linux is loaded with applications
Even if the developers have kept the distribution size surprisingly small, you get lot more packed on to the LiveCD version of the Linux distro. It includes a text editor (you need to install a word processor separately), Firefox Web browser, disc burning tool and also an iso-burning tool that allows you to handle disc images. Also, it has a chat, IRC application. SliTaz also includes an FTP application, post-it-notes application, an IDE (used by software developers and designers) and an image editor. The distro also comes loaded with GParted, a tool for partitioning hard drives.

Abiword on SliTaz Linux
If you have the space and inclination, you can also install applications such as AbiWord, GIMP image manipulator and Inkscape drawing tool from SliTaz's distribution server.

Once you have installed all the desire application and made all the customizations, you can create an installation or LiveCD of your SliTaz flavour. Instead, you can pick a customized SliTaz from the distro's website. The Linux also has a tool to create SliTaz bootable USB keys.

You can keep a tab on the workload of the Linux with the performance ticker in its bottom panel.

What I liked: SliTaz Linux, which has four virtual desktops, is pretty fast to load. It also supports NTFS disks, making it possible to read your Windows NTFS partitions. It's simple and quick at its work. It is very memory-efficient; I could only manage to achieve a maximum memory usage of 180MB even after opening at least five applications simultaneously.

And what I didn't: The distro can handle only limited number of media formats. I wasn't able to play some of my videos, though it played mp3 music.Its application repository is very limited.

Moreover, SliTaz wasn't able to properly activate the touch pad of my laptop; it didn't support scrolling. It also failed to activated keyboard shortcut keys for capturing screen and controlling volume.


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Author: Nyutech

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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