Twittering? Get desktop, browser clients for latest updates

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Twitter cannot be used to the fullest of its potential if you have to keep visiting the website for updates and new messages. To make things more easier to track and update your status, there are a number of desktop clients and add-ons for browsers. Here are some of the popular ones, most of them for Windows.

Desktop clients

Twhirl: Twhirl is a social app that supports both Windows and Mac OSX. It displays notification for new updates, allows to post images via TwitPic and also searcch Twitter using Twitter Search or TwitScan. In addition, Twhirl lets you create short URLs using any of the several URL shortening websites available. Twhirl uses Adobe Air, that it will install on its own if not available.

TweetDeck: TweetDeck is an Adobe Air based Twitter client which breaks the updates into various groups and topics created by the user and makes them more manageable. It also allows to separate tweet by usernames, keywords and lot more. TweetDeck is also available for Linux and Mac.

Digsby Twitter
Digsby: Digsby is a desktop social communication application that supports many more networking sites other than Twitter. It allows you to set up multiple Twitter accounts along with other social networks such as Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger.

Firefox Add-ons

TwitterFox: TwitteFox is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which keeps user updated with the latest tweets, replies and private messages. One can also send tweets and messages from this Firefox client. Right-click on the TwitterFox icon in the browser to set preferences or add an account. It allows the user to set several Twitter accounts, and switch between them by clicking on the account name/email at the top og TwitterFox box. No search facility.

Twitbin is a Firefox extension that allows you to tweet from your browser sidebar. Send messages, receive messages, share links, and more from Twitbin.

Twitter add-on for Opera: A simple add-on for Opera browser which will let only one Twitter account to be set at a time. It has a “Near” tab which will show tweets of some random users from your locality. It's fun. It also allows you to search Twitter.

PocketTweets for iPhone: PocketTweets is a Web-based Twitter client for iPhone. It allows you to see the latest tweets from your contacts, update your status or view the public timeline.

TwitterBerry for BlackBerry: TwitterBerry is mobile client for posting updates to Twitter. It works over the Internet. Saves you some money, but only if your Internet is cheaper than SMSes.

Twitter Snooze: Is any of your Twitter friends making lot of noise of late? Use Twitter Snooze to turn off his updates for a couple of days, or as long as you want.

TweetGrid: This online service is for getting real-time search results. Just key in your keyword(s) and keep coming back to this page. It will keep refreshing itself so that you get to see the latest tweets on the topic. Good for following some event or news.
Use (pronounced is good) to create shorter URLs for use in your tweets. It gives you even shorter URLs than TinyUrl does. This will help you save some of the precious 140 characters of your message.

Friend or follow: Twitter is possibly the only networking site where you can be following someone but that person may not be, means the relationship might just be one-sided and not mutual. Give your Twitter username to Friend or Follow and it will show you the balance. How many people you follow and who don't return you the favour? And also how many people follow you whom you don't?

Twitter Grader:
Twitter Grader will give you your Twitter grades based up on the number of followers and followings and also your updates. Though there isn't any need for competition to rank top, it is just fun to see your Twitter grades.

Mr Tweet: Mr Tweet is an owl, an intelligent owl who will analyze your Twitter feeds and help you make your Twitter life more rocking. It will help you get new, relevant followers and also suggest you interesting people to follow. Moreover, it will give regular stats about your Twitter life.

PS: This is the third in a series on Twitter. At least one more post to come in the series.

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Author: Nyutech

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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