Switching from Windows to Ubuntu is easy with an Internet connection

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Switching to Ubuntu from Windows can be really easy if you are able to get an Internet coonection up and running with the Linux distro.

In a previous post, I said there is a need for Linux that is more user-friendly. Today, when I am writing this post from an Ubuntu installation on my laptop, I am forced to correct myself.

Ubuntu is a very user-friendly operating system that provides you with everything that you need. It will automatically install applications to play a music format that is not supported in the basic Ubuntu installation. Just give it the permission to do so.

In my last two attempts to switch to Ubuntu from Windows, I had been able to successfully install the OS on my laptop. But the problem was that I wasn't able to play the music or videos that I had in my collection or the watch fils on DVDs and VCDs. Problem--the format not being supported by Ubuntu. And the OS couldn't download the applications to play the formats. I had not been able to configure my wireless Internet connection on Ubuntu. It is not very efficient in handling dial-up connections. So, if you plan to make the switch, you better get a wirred broadband connection that reaches your computer via ethernet.

Last Thursday when I got my broadband Internet connection that came to my computer via ethernet (local area network), I was able to configure it with Ubuntu. All that I had to do was open network configuration option and enter the relevant information. IP address, netmask and network gateway. As soon as I had a working Internet connection, I has been able to install VLC by typing just two commands in Terminal. It was a different thing that I had to type third command to rectify the error caused due to interruption in Internet connection.

So, I would say just one thing: People in Windows-dominant countries can easily survive with an open source Linux such as Ubuntu without any compromise. You can play all Windows format music and videos thanks to Ubuntu.You acn easily collaborate with your colleagues by saving your documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Windows formats using Open Office suite. Pidgin helped me connect to my friends on Gtalk and Liferea feed reader has been able to handle my feeds successfully. And I love Wanda the fish's wise words. Right now Wanda says:

Good day for a change of scene. Repaper the bedroom wall.
I think I have already made the move by switching to Ubuntu. Only thing that I want is that Ubuntu CD installation should come with the capability to handle Windows format multimedia. This would allow people to use it even if they don't have an Internet connection with their installation. It would certainly help increase the number of Ubuntu users. CrunchBang Linux is a nice effort.

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Author: Nyutech

Date: Sunday, February 1, 2009

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