India's $10 laptop 'unveiled', but remains shrouded

$10 laptop, OLPC

3 February has come to an end. Many people had been eager for this day to dawn and bring them a glimpse of the world's cheapest laptop to be unveiled at Tirupati, a city in southern India.

According to reports, India's human resource development minister Arjun Singh did unveil a prototype of laptop and a demonstration of the same was given. An official from the education ministry said laptop needs some fine-tuning. So, the laptop isn't really ready to hit the markets. Developers target to make the laptop commercially available within six months.

laptop, which has 2GB RAM and wireless internet connectivity, has been designed to be very thrifty in power consumption (just 2Watts) so that it can be more useful for students in rural areas.

I have not been able to see any photograph of the laptop prototype so far. What does it look like? Why isn't there any photograph of the much-talked-about laptop on the Internet? Any guess!

According to a Rediff report, the prototype is smaller than normal laptops. Who expects it to be larger than regular laptops?

No other details have come so far about the laptop. What's its capacity? What screen does it use? What operating system does it use? It is still a secret as to how a $10 laptop has been made possible. Everyone is curious but it looks like we need to wait some more to get details about the laptop. Only then can anyone say for sure that its a laptop which will change the world landscape. Hope it comes with innovative technologies like the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project's XO candy laptop and becomes a success.

The National Mission on Education through ICT, of which the laptop is a part, aims at improving the skills of students, both at the school and higher levels. Under the mission, the government intends to provide high-speed Internet access to schools to download e-books and journals and other study materials. Students will be able to download the study material using the 'Sakshat' portal developed for educational purposes. Many publishers are working with the government to provide free e-books.

India unveils $10 laptop!

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Author: Nyutech

Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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