Don't kill Twitter, keep you tweets meaningful


Twitter is one of the most powerful Web 2.0 tools that has changed the dynamics of communication--both online and offline. This powerful communication tool allows you to narrowcast (or broadcast) your messages and receive others' messages.

What are you doing? This question posed by Twitter is the basis of most of the updates by Twitfolks (Twitter users). I am doing this... I am visiting there... Most tweets serve one very basic purpose--stoking your ego. But that's not what I wanted to talk about right now.

Birds tweet. Like may people, I also enjoy melodious chips and tweets of birds. A kuckoo in a forested area, some parrots on a 15th century tomb. All of them tweet in melody. But what if there is a large number of them--say hundreds of crows. As soon as the number of birds grows large, melody gives way to cacophony.

Twitter also faces a very similar situation. With growing acceptance of Twitter, people follow hundreds of other Twitter users and have equally large number of followers. Anyone with 1,000 followers will create that many twit updates with each tweet. More the followers, larger the noise of tweets.

If someone follows, say, five hundred twitter users, and each of them tweets ten times a day, the person has 5,000 tweets to read.That, according to me, is unmanageable. And even more if you have set your cell phone updates on. It will keep buzzing all the time, leaving you no time for anything else. And most of the tweet will have no value for anyone other than the closest friends and family.

Dont Kill Twitter
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Don't kill Twitter. If you wish to have large number of followers, please keep your tweets meaningful and useful for most of them. Avoid mentioning trivial details that just clutter others' Twitter pages and forces them to spend lot of time sifting through the updates. Tweet only when something deserves a tweet. Avoid adding to the cacophony of tweets which only diminishes the importance of this great Web2.0 communication tool.

P.S. Keeping an eye on Twitter updates might not be such a big problem if you are following a small number of people. Also, it turns to be lot easier if you are using it through the Web, on a computer. Your tweets might not have to be really meaningful and important if you are using it to stay in touch with a handful of friends and family. In that case, just keep tweeting--trivial, important--nothing does really matter.

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Author: Nyutech

Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009

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