Will Google shut down Gmail?

After terminating seven products recently -- Lively, Google Notebook, Google Videos, Google Mashup, Catalog Search, Dodgeball and Jaiku -- what is Google planning now? Will it trim or shut down GMail, Documents, Orkut, Blogger, Gtalk and other services as well?

Can we really depend on web services as heavily as we are at present on Gmail? Many professionals rely more on Gmail than their organization's mail service? Some people use it as a backup? Many more creative uses.

What will you do if some day Google says it will shut down Gmail? Experience has shown that web services can be there one day and the other they can be gone -- leaving you in the lurch. Can we rely on web services that have become so critical in our lives? What do you say?


Author: Nyutech

Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009

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