Why should I use a Gog.is url for Google search?

Have you read about Gog.is, a website that gives you small urls for Google search pages. If you wish to send a link to google search page about "Slum Dog", your address will be http://gog.is/slum+dog. This is how the site introduces itself:

Ever felt like slapping someone with a google search, while in an IM conversation, chatrooms, or on Twitter? simply write http://gog.is and put the keywords in the url, like this: http://gog.is/clerks. This will redirect them to the google search for clerks.

This is interesting, but more of a fun app. And that's how it is said to have originated -- as a fun app. Mr Carlzone from Norway is the brain behind the app that provides easier, slim urls for Google searchs. Interestingly, the app is hosted on Google's free app engine platform.

Though I like the convenience of short urls for searchs, I am not among those who will be using it frequently. I would prefer sending the keywords to be googled. Imagine all the google queries first going to Gog.is server before being redirected to Google server. This will only generate extra traffic, consuming more resources. Isn't it so? In a world that accepts Googled as a verb, why shouldn't I ask the other person to google the keyword? Search "slum dog" on Google.

But then, Mr. Calzone, you app is fun. It also has the advantage of being transprent, saving you the embarassment of landing on a page that you didn't intend to open, at least while sitting in a computer lab or office.

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Author: Nyutech

Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009

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