SpeedCrunch: Making calculations easily in a more interesting way

SpeedCrunch, powerful calculator app

SpeedCrunch is a powerful and good-looking calculator for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux. Unlike traditional desktop calculators that ship with operating systems, SpeedCrunch has a lot of interesting features that make it easy to use and extend its functionality.

You just type the expression that you want to calculate and press Enter. You can see clearly what you typed along with the result in the scrollable display. It also shows your previous calculations, thereby saving you the effort of having to redo the same calculation after accidentally clearing the screen.

You can also paste the expression from the clipboard, that you copied from somewhere else and then copy the result to the clipboard using Ctrl+R. Syntax highlighting makes it possible to easily distinguish numbers from variables.

Must for those who use calculator heavily; this is a really good application as it allows one to depend solely on keyboard shortcuts.

For Windows users, SpeedCrunch comes as an installer that install in less than a minute. One can also run SpeedCrunch without the need of installing it. You can take it everywhere with you on your pen drive. Download the archive, extract it and click on the executable file inside the directory.

SpeedCrunch Multi-OS Calculator

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Author: Nyutech

Date: Monday, January 26, 2009

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