Set up a Wordpress blog with custom domain on free host

In the last post, we outlined the basics of setting up a Wordpress blog on a web sever. In this post, we will make use of our knowledge for installing wordpress on a free web hosting server and set up a blog.

There are several free, ad-free web hosting providers on the web. In a previous post, I had mentioned three of them—000Webhost, Zymic and 110MBHosting—and also a directory site to that provides you a wide range of options for picking a free web host.

Planning the trip

You will have to look for a host that complies with the minimum requirements for setting up a Wordpress blog: PHP4.3 or above and MySQL4 or above. Also, it should provide access to ftp uploading.

Here I will demonstrate the method using Zymic server, which provides 6GB of web space and 50GB of monthly data transfer. You should consider the limit of data transfer allowed because this will determine how many web pages can your blog serve without crossing the limit. The exact number will depend on the size of web page. For Zymic, even if a web page is 500KB, it will be possible to view it 100,000 times. Sufficient for most blogs. If you want to double the data transfer limit, you can use 000Webhost.

Hitting the road

First, sign-up with Zymic and log in.
Go to Zymic Control Panel through “My Account Management” tab on the sidebar and create a new web hosting account in your Zymic Control Panel. I am creating an account called “slumdog”.

Once created, you can use login buttons next to hosting account names to start using the hosting account. Remember to use the password that you have given for the particular hosting account; it can be different from your main password, depending on your choice.

Creating database

Now, create a MySQL database following the steps. All the options are available on the same page, arranged one below the other.

Create a new database. My database is called “wordpress”.

Create a new user along with a secure password. My user name will be “wpuser”.

Assign the user with the database name. To do this you must use the "Assign Privileges" section.

Now note down your MySQL database details which you will use for creating configuration file for Wordpress. For me, it will be as follows:

  • Database name: slumdog_wordpress
  • Database username: slumdog_wpuser
  • Database password: “MYDBPASSWORD”
  • Database host: localhost
  • Table prefix: wp_1

Uploading Wordpress

Now, we need to transfer wordpress to the web folder. First, unzip the Wordpress archive folder that you have downloaded from Now, we need to transfer the content of the unzipped wordpress folder on your computer to the web space. For this we will use an opensource FTP client FileZilla. Download and install it on your computer. You can also use any other FTP client.

Add ftp site to Filezilla

Go to File > Site Manager, and add the details of your Zymic account and connect.
For me, it will be as follows:
  • Host:
  • Username: slumdog
  • Password: “Slumdog hosting account password”
  • Port:21

If you have registered a hosting account called “obama” with password “barack”, then your details will be:
  • Host:
  • Username: obama
  • Password: barack
  • Port:21

Delete the index.htm existing in the root folder of your web space.

Now go to the unzipped wordpress folder on your site through “local site” panel on the left in Filezilla. Click in the pane showing the content of the local wordpress folder, and select all by using “ctrl+A”. Right click and select “upload”. All the files will get queued and will be uploaded one by one to the root folder of your web space. Make sure that all the files and folders are uploaded to the destined web folder. In case upload of any file is unsuccessful, go to the tab showing failed uploads, select and requeue them for upload.

Configuring Wordpress

Once all files are uploaded, open the site in your browser. In my case, it will be Wordpress will open an interface for creating configuration file. Add the MySQL database details that we had jotted down earlier. Follow the instructions to finish installation. If the web interface does not work, or you want to know more details about Wordpress configuration, read my previous post on installing wordpress on a web server.

Congrats. Your Wordpress blog is up and running on a free web hosting server. Start blogging or customize it with a theme of your choice and add functionality by using plugins.

You can also add a favicon, the icons that appear in browsers next to url of the site or along with boorkmarks. For this create a small square logo in GIMP, an open source image editor, and save it as “favicon.ico”. Now upload the “favicon.ico” to the root (main) folder of your web space.

Zymic, like many other free web hosts, also allows you to use your own domain name such as For this, get a domain name registered, generally costs less than $15/year. Point the nameservers to and and then add the domain name to your hosting account.This means you get a pro-looking blog for just the cost of a domain. Cheers.

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Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009

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