In need of a Linux that can beat Windows

Like a large number of people, I like the concept of free softwares -- and am very fond of Linux. I have tried Ubuntu and have tried to make a switch to the most-popular Linux distribution. Despite my repeated efforts to get going with Linux, so far I have only been able to use on experimentation basis.

Last time when I tried to get some software for Ubuntu, it was a terrible experience. When I failed to get my internet connection work with Ubuntu, I decided to bring download some music player to play my collection that mostly consists of mp3 and other Windows formats. But which ever debian based package I downloaded, it showed that some dependencies were missing. I tried to install those dependencies. Again error message showing that it needed some more dependencies for functioning. I gave up after loading three-four dependencies.

Can Lunix be more user friendly? Why can't one install a software as one can do in Windows? Why do one need to use some command to install software? Is it necessary to scare users with messages that an average user can hardly comprehend? Why can't we just kill 'sudo' and be more easy to use?

Though I haven't tried it (it doesn't come for free), there's a Linux distribution that comes with Windows-like interface and is also user-friendly. It also allows the user to run Windows application. It's called Linux XP.

Ubuntu promoter and Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth needs to learn lessons in make his operating system as user-friendly as Windows. No "terminals" no "sudo" commands. Just plain simple computing. No scary messages from your system.

When is Ubuntu going to beat Windows in ease of use? When will Ubuntu Linux become ubiquitous enough so that users are not forced to dual -boot with Windows. That day will be real triumph of free software. Till this happens, people like me will have to be satisfied using open source software on a proprietary operating system.

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Author: Nyutech

Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009

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